Our partners are Advertising Agency "The National Advertising Alliance" and Sales House "Everest". They have a great experience in sales of television commercials. They offer transparent systems for forming commercial approaches, flexible media planning and innovative approach to selling television equipment.


Placement of commercial clips in inter-program blocks within specially allocated time slots. Large coverage, high level of technical penetration, the most visible offer, fast and effective way to communicate with a wide audience.

We provide pre-sale of the federal advertising resource of the 6 Russian TV channels: CTC, Domashniy, Che, CTC Love, Ren TV and 5TV, as well as pre-sale of the regional advertising equipment from our owned stations CTC Media and The National Media Group to the clients of the Moscow region.


Mega seller "The National Advertising Alliance" offers a unique in its quality and number of contacts product which rises attractiveness of the thematic channels as well as advertising mediums and provides access to the aimed audience.

"The National Advertising Alliance" generates sales through a single virtual channel: commercials are produced in a continuous block simultaneously on several channels. "The National Advertising Alliance" offers 4 virtual channels in total.


Sales House "Everest" has an access to all the necessary advertising resources and works in all advertising formats allowing to implement various sponsorship campaigns of various scales:

  • Branded content in the format of full-length films adapted to the style of the channel;

  • Transmedia projects: TV provides a wide range of the campaign’s coverage, while digital gives feedback and implementation of relevant interactive promotion mechanisms;

  • Adapted sponsored blocks in the shape of squares, freeze-frames, virtual integrations allow to place advertisement in the most effective and natural way into the content of the broadcast;

  • Special online projects on various internet platforms where all types of commercials are possible to be used.

  • Co-branding in advertising materials and air promos, when the brand's advertising materials are used together with the identity;

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